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A few days ago, I kicked off a new side project called It’s an aggregator focused on privacy news from around the web.

The aesthetic wasn’t quite what I was after so, although this isn’t it’s final form, as you can see below I’ve made some changes.

Screenshot of

I used an image entitled Vintage Wall Gate from Pixabay for the header image, and changed the title fonts to serif. I’m not a big fan these days of Google Fonts, etc. given that everything looks fine just using whatever default serif and sans-serif fonts users have installed.

I didn’t want a really bright orange RSS icon, so I chose this one. Then, to ensure the colour balance with the background green, I used the website. After sharing on the Fediverse, Kev Quirk suggested some formatting tweaks, so thanks to him for those.

It’s nice to have a site that I visit myself as it auto-updates with news from around the web. If you’ve got suggestions for RSS feeds or iterating the design further, please let me know!

This post is Day 99 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. Want to get involved? Find out more at

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