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Weeknote 14/2021

Screenshot of Minecraft with username blurred

Another three-day working week for me thanks to the kids being on Easter holidays. It’s been strange weather over the last few days, but then with accelerating climate change we’ll have to get used to a lot worse than 17°C weather followed by snow in April.

I’ve split the days I have worked this week between the Catalyst Definition project, planning the next workshop for NEAR, exploring new work for Greenpeace, and doing some business development. Oh, and we also managed to have a co-op half-day in there somewhere, too.

Whether it’s due to me getting older, responding to the climate emergency, or both, I’ve found myself this week reverting to older tech to get stuff done. I’m bashing this out on my 10 year old ThinkPad X220, perhaps the best laptop ever made — and I’ve gone back to my seven year-old OnePlus One with LineageOS 18.1. A bunch of stuff is going on eBay over this weekend.

I bought a half price Casio G-Shock watch which looks resilient enough to be rubbing shoulders with cockroaches after nuclear armageddon. However, the Bluetooth functionality is disappointing so the chances are I’ll send that back and make do with my (excellent) Amazfit Bip.

This week I wrote several posts on this blog:

As the titles suggest, I spent Easter weekend ensuring there are multiple ways for people to subscribe to, and then span up a new side project called The latter automatically aggregates news relating to privacy from around the web.

Next week, my wife is potentially away caring for a relative, so I might be solo parenting. It’s the penultimate week of the Catalyst Definition project, and the start of some new projects. It’s a bit weird for me not to be able to talk about all of the stuff I do, but then I guess that’s the nature of doing some forms of interesting work.

I’m very much looking forward to getting away at some point. That might be a bit of wild camping somewhere, but as April weather is very changeable these days where I live, that might have to wait until May.

Header image is a screenshot of the Minecraft world I created with my kids for $1.50/month using MCProHosting (others hosts are available!) instead of wading through Microsoft’s convoluted parental controls so that we could subscribe to Realms.

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