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A few days ago, I kicked off a new side project called It’s an aggregator focused on privacy news from around the web.

The aesthetic wasn’t quite what I was after so, although this isn’t it’s final form, as you can see below I’ve made some changes.

Screenshot of

I used an image entitled Vintage Wall Gate from Pixabay for the header image, and changed the title fonts to serif. I’m not a big fan these days of Google Fonts, etc. given that everything looks fine just using whatever default serif and sans-serif fonts users have installed.

I didn’t want a really bright orange RSS icon, so I chose this one. Then, to ensure the colour balance with the background green, I used the website. After sharing on the Fediverse, Kev Quirk suggested some formatting tweaks, so thanks to him for those.

It’s nice to have a site that I visit myself as it auto-updates with news from around the web. If you’ve got suggestions for RSS feeds or iterating the design further, please let me know!

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New side project: - documenting the end times

After the modest success of, I’ve decided to embark on another side project. This one also has a cool domain in the form of and is a place where I can write about all of the death, destruction, and havoc I see being visited upon the planet we call home.

As my wife pointed out, it’s not the cheeriest thing to be doing, but here’s the About page I composed this morning to give a flavour of why I decided to create the site:

This website is a project of Doug Belshaw. I’ve been concerned about the impact we’ve been having on the Earth for a while, and have been paying attention to the work of people like Vinay Gupta and the Dark Mountain community.

The tipping point, though, was reading Jem Bendell’s paper Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy. It put things in such stark terms that it prompted me to start trying to think more deeply about the end of our species.

I tend to make sense of the world through writing and documenting, so I thought I’d set up this simple site as a way to help me prioritise my own time and effort. It may also be useful as a place to point others who may find this kind of resource useful or provocative.

Not everyone is motivated into action by reading about death, destruction, the ineptitude of our politicians, and the corruption of big business. So, if you would rather read positive news on this topic, I recommend the excellent Future Crunch.

You can get in touch at: [email protected]

There’s an auto-generated RSS feed for the site which you can subscribe to. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! (unless they’re the same as my wife’s, in which case I get it) 😉


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