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Weeknote 20/2015


This week I’ve been:

  • In London for two days. I stayed at 41 Albany House. I won’t be staying there again as I didn’t like being on the lower ground floor (I didn’t have a choice), and the place to pick up the key was a way away from the accommodation itself.
  • Meeting with various people at City & Guilds about Open Badges and digital strategy. I also met with Henry Morris from Performance in Context, Hung Lee (again) from, and had a nice lunch with John Potter from the Institute of Education.
  • Giving feedback to Helen Beetham on her (excellent) digital capability work for Jisc.
  • Inducting my first hire for Dynamic Skillset. Perhaps inevitably, it’s my super-organised wife, who’s going to spend ~7 hours a week sorting out my admin. She rolled her eyes at some of my idiosyncratic workflows…
  • Putting together a proposal for some potential upcoming work.
  • Welcoming my Dad back home from his stint in Qatar.
  • Agreeing a topic for the CELT conference in Galway next month.
  • Investigating extensions as part of the new v1.1 update to the Open Badges specification.
  • Releasing #TIDE Podcast Episode 10: Boring Timelapse.
  • Turning down a couple of requests for me to speak for expenses only. Imagine me rolling my eyes while reading that last sentence.
  • Writing my latest post for DMLcentral about the v1.1 update to the Open Badges specification. You can have a sneak peek here (feat. image from Bryan Mathers!
  • Making a short video about how to enable low light mode on an iOS device. Lifesaver.
  • Running another ICT Club session for Year 4 at my kids school. A bit of differentiation this week – the more able ones who have been each week have moved onto basic CSS whereas the others are still practicing HTML tags.
  • Publishing TWLTW #173 – this month kindly sponsored by C-Learning.
  • Arranging travel for the ePIC conference in Barcelona next month.
  • Confirming my involvement as workshop leader for a Scottish Social Services Council event around digital literacies.
  • Writing:

Next week I’ll be in London on Tuesday/Wednesday as usual. I’m looking forward to visiting Wayra.

Image CC BY-NC Nico Hogg

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