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My #TwitteratiChallenge blog post

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Last week, Tim Jefferis was kind enough to tag me in his #TwitteratiChallenge blog post. The rules and guidance for this can be found at the bottom of that post. I’m going to follow them in spirit rather than letter. 😉

Cory Doctorow

1. @doctorow
Writer, blogger, activist. If you want a reply, use email. Blog suggestions here: 0BC4 700A 06E2 072D 3A77 F8E2 9026 DBBE 1FC2 37AF

I’m not into celebrities and fandom, but I must admit to being in awe of Cory Doctorow. His novels are deeply thought-provoking, he surfaces important stuff through BoingBoing and his Twitter feed, and (perhaps most importantly) inspires me to keep on fighting the good fight for free and open source technologies.

Audrey Watters

2. @audreywatters
writer @hackeducation ( ), ed-tech’s Cassandra, author of The Monsters of Education Technology. Elsewhere:

We need more people like Audrey Watters in the world. Indefatigable and unwavering in her critique of the excesses of edtech, she’s a beacon of light and source of strength for many in the community.

Vinay Gupta

3. @leashless
Beyond good taste and evil. Global resilience guru. What do you do after it all goes wrong? And what about the poor, for whom it’s never yet been right?

My brain almost melts every time I get the chance to talk to Vinay Gupta or read his blog. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met and gets me thinking about stuff I’d never even considered before.

Josie Fraser

4. @josiefraser
Social & Educational Technologist. Digital literacy, identity & community; staff & organisational development; open education; making change happen.

I’ve known Josie Fraser for around 10 years through shared interests in educational technology and digital literacies. She’s currently Digital Strategy Lead at Leicester City Council but has been involved in so much important work across Europe.

Oliver Quinlan

5. @oliverquinlan
Research tech in schools & write about learning futures. Opinions expressed mine alone. Book ‘The Thinking Teacher’ out now:

Saying that Oliver Quinlan is one of the most reliable and dependable people in my network might sound like I’m damning him with faint praise but, given the level at which he works (Oliver is a multi-talented and award-winning, teacher, researcher, author, and thinker), it’s one of the highest recommendations I can give. His gentle and quiet facade hides a razor-sharp and questioning mind.

Want to join in? Consider yourself tagged! 🙂

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