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Wednesday Wisdom #38: Foundations

Wednesday Wisdom #38: Foundations

Over the last few weeks I’ve been helping City & Guilds work on a ‘direction of travel’ for Open Badges. I’m going to spend the next week or so digging into some of the details to focus on over the next six months.

Stumbling across the above quotation, therefore, was rather serendipitous! It serves as an introduction to Chapter 2 of Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel.

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Image CC BY-NC Tom Blackwell

Wednesday Wisdom #37: Confluence

Wednesday Wisdom #37: Confluence

Today I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Uri Gonda, who showed me around the Wayra UK startup accelerator. During coffee afterwards he imparted a lot of wisdom, some of which I wrote down.

This particular quotation really struck me as he talked about the conditions required for startups to thrive. It reminded me of the ‘slow hunch’ Steven Johnson talks about in this RSA Animates video.

The whole set of Wednesday Wisdom images can be found in my Creative Commons-licensed Flickr set.

Image CC BY-NC mgaloseau

Weeknote 20/2015

This week I’ve been:

  • In London for two days. I stayed at 41 Albany House. I won’t be staying there again as I didn’t like being on the lower ground floor (I didn’t have a choice), and the place to pick up the key was a way away from the accommodation itself.
  • Meeting with various people at City & Guilds about Open Badges and digital strategy. I also met with Henry Morris from Performance in Context, Hung Lee (again) from, and had a nice lunch with John Potter from the Institute of Education.
  • Giving feedback to Helen Beetham on her (excellent) digital capability work for Jisc.
  • Inducting my first hire for Dynamic Skillset. Perhaps inevitably, it’s my super-organised wife, who’s going to spend ~7 hours a week sorting out my admin. She rolled her eyes at some of my idiosyncratic workflows…
  • Putting together a proposal for some potential upcoming work.
  • Welcoming my Dad back home from his stint in Qatar.
  • Agreeing a topic for the CELT conference in Galway next month.
  • Investigating extensions as part of the new v1.1 update to the Open Badges specification.
  • Releasing #TIDE Podcast Episode 10: Boring Timelapse.
  • Turning down a couple of requests for me to speak for expenses only. Imagine me rolling my eyes while reading that last sentence.
  • Writing my latest post for DMLcentral about the v1.1 update to the Open Badges specification. You can have a sneak peek here (feat. image from Bryan Mathers!
  • Making a short video about how to enable low light mode on an iOS device. Lifesaver.
  • Running another ICT Club session for Year 4 at my kids school. A bit of differentiation this week – the more able ones who have been each week have moved onto basic CSS whereas the others are still practicing HTML tags.
  • Publishing TWLTW #173 – this month kindly sponsored by C-Learning.
  • Arranging travel for the ePIC conference in Barcelona next month.
  • Confirming my involvement as workshop leader for a Scottish Social Services Council event around digital literacies.
  • Writing:

Next week I’ll be in London on Tuesday/Wednesday as usual. I’m looking forward to visiting Wayra.

Image CC BY-NC Nico Hogg