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Wednesday Wisdom #21: Born in the right century

Wednesday Wisdom #21

I’ve decided to resurrect a series I started and then abandoned five years ago called Wednesday Wisdom. You can see the previous posts in the series here. This one is actually a lengthier version of #12.

I’m a big fan of Baltasar Gracián’s The Pocket Oracle and Art of Prudence. In fact, it’s the only dead-tree book I carry when I’m travelling. People wax lyrical about Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and other Stoic philosophers, but I’ve found none so applicable to modern life as the words this 17th century Jesuit priest.

The whole set of Wednesday Wisdom images can be found in my Creative Commons-licensed Flickr set. All of the existing ones are quotations from Gracián, but going forward, I might mix things up a bit!

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