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How to subscribe to (and sponsor!) my weekly newsletter

After some recent prompting by Aral Balkan I’ve made my Things We Learned This Week newsletter easier to sign up to. It goes out every Sunday morning – wherever you are in the world.

Things We Learned This Week newsletter

Sign up:

You’ll notice I’ve also included a link to sponsor a month’s worth of newsletters by clicking on the ribbon to the top-right. This is a recent innovation and I’m very grateful to Ian Nairn of C-Learning for sponsoring the month of May:

C-Learning is a Cloud Learning Services company which provides schools with a range of services and solutions to help teachers and students make the most of technology hosted in the cloud. With an overwhelming choice we bring you a range of tried and tested services already being used by many schools, teachers, students and parents to deliver improved communication and collaboration to support teaching and learning in school, on the move and at home.

PS I used GitHub Pages to create these sign-up pages, something I’ve blogged about before.

2 thoughts on “How to subscribe to (and sponsor!) my weekly newsletter

  1. You are joking??!
    Sponsorship for the newsletter?
    Since when did you become so commercial? I thought running a blog was something you were doing out of professional passion rather than commercial reasons? I don’t agree to this.

    1. Hi Max, this blog is indeed advertising-free, but my opt-in newsletter is now sponsored. I guess when I became independent and stopped working for an organisation that pays me a salary I started thinking about diversifying my income…

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