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HOWTO: use GitHub Pages to host a bootstrap-themed website

GitHub Pages

Last week I mentioned in a blog post and my weekly newsletter the pre-launch website of my new (part-time) consultancy Dynamic Skillset. I had an enquiry as to how the site put together, so I put together this screencast:

The great thing about being shown how to do something via video is that, if you get stuck, you can pause, rewind and watch parts again. In this one, I go through the process of downloading a responsive website theme and hosting it for free using GitHub Pages.

Remember, the way to increase your digital and web literacies is to tinker about and try new things. You can’t break anything here and all you have to lose is your GitHub virginity. 😉

PS If you’re interested in using GitHub to ‘fork’ (i.e. remix) someone else’s repository, you may find this video playlist helpful.

10 thoughts on “HOWTO: use GitHub Pages to host a bootstrap-themed website

  1. Hi Doug,
    Enjoyed the screencast, great stuff.
    I’ve been dipping my toes into git a little recently and seeing this makes me realise that I shouls swap to the gui app.
    Looking forward to watching the web lit screencasts they look like the right length.

    1. Thanks John! I’ve played around with Git via command line – we have a ‘Gitclub’ at Mozilla and are even planning in 2015 using it:

      However, the app does 99% of what I need to do, especially for this sort of thing. The only times I get frustrated are when I have to try and merge pull requests that can’t be done automatically. Ideally, I’d like to do everything via the web interface. 🙂

  2. Great ‘cast, Doug. Was inspired to try this today, after listening to TIDE. That said…
    Tried to follow this guide, Doug, but am working on my Chromebook at the mo (away from home). Do you know if there a guide or a workaround to using the desktop app? I did look – but no joy and wondered if any of your readers knew how to do this via Chromebooks?

  3. Hi Doug,

    I am not a web developer, so i was looking for an easy way to make a professional looking github page and found it here. I just wanted to thank you.

    Regards, Adil

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