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Weeknote 25/2022

Doug Belshaw's profile on the Bonfire playground

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m making my way through my second beer. Our eldest is out on the first day of his DofE expedition, and we’re back from taking our youngest to an athletics championship. We even braved IKEA afterwards, which is one of several places where it’s worth going if you want to be reassured that you’re doing a better job of parenting that at least some people.

The highlight of this week for me has been the launch of the Bonfire playground as the team seeks to get real-world feedback on the beta. I’ve been playing about with it for the past 10 days or so, and I think it’s great — especially when you think that what we’re currently using is the absolute basics. Other stuff, like federated project coordination, isn’t too long away!

Helping out with Bonfire and taking it a bit easier after last week’s shenanigans has meant slightly less paid work than usual. However, I still worked on the four projects I’m currently involved with: Participate, Greenpeace, Sport England, and LocalGov Drupal. I think it’s fair to say that my work falls in the middle of a Venn diagram of technology, learning design, and community. That’s great, because they are the three things I’m most interested in, professionally speaking!

I’ve continued to publish posts at Thought Shrapnel, including:

The monthly newsletter goes out tomorrow!

Next week, it’s more of the same, although less Bonfire stuff (probably). I’m taking Hannah away for a night next weekend to celebrate it being 20 years since we became engaged on July 4th (yes, I get the irony!)

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