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Soft-launching Dynamic Skillset, my new consultancy

Dynamic Skillset

I’m delighted to this week soft-launch my new consultancy, Dynamic Skillset.

This weekend I received some great feedback from my Twitter network as well as those who read my weekly newsletter. I’ll continue to iterate on the design of the site, but I’m pleased with the way it currently looks.

In the first instance, I’m going to focus my consultancy’s main offer on the intersection of Digital Literacies, Open Badges, and Learning Pathways:


It’s what I know best, and I think I can add most value to organisations in this area.

I’ve got three speaking/workshop sessions booked this month:

While I’m always enthusiastic about speaking and running workshops for those new to these areas, I’m also interested in working closely with organisations over the medium to long-term to effect meaningful change. I’m currently talking to a couple of potential (pretty big-name) clients about this.

As I’ve limited capacity at the moment, if you think you or your organisation might be interested in what I’ve got to offer, it all begins with an email: [email protected]

Questions? Comments? Add them below! I’ll do my best to answer them.

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