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Today In Digital Education (TIDE): a new podcast from Dai Barnes and Doug Belshaw

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Update: We’ve now got our own domain at and you can subscribe in your favourite podcast client, or via SoundCloud!

TL;DR: Dai Barnes and I have decided to record our Sunday night conversations. These will be going out as a regular podcast known as Technology In Digital Education (or TIDE). You can find the first episode at and you can use this link to subscribe in your favourite podcast client.

TIDEBetween 2008 and 2011, I co-led a weekly meet-up that also went out as a podcast. EdTechRoundUp was a motley crew of educators who on a Sunday night to discuss the week in educational technology. We were very inspired by EdTechTalk and the work of Dave Cormier and Jeff Lebow.

People floated in and out of the ETRU community (as it was known), but there was definitely a core that remained constant. Dai Barnes was one of these, both in terms of leading conversations and curating links. We’ve kept in touch ever since and, last time we met up in London, decided to start up another podcast. Dai’s now Head of Digital Strategy at Oundle School in Peterborough.

We considered resurrecting ETRU, but that’s already been attempted once. We wanted something different, reflecting the current state of play. I, for example, am no longer a classroom teacher – or even based in a school. So instead of looking backwards, we’re looking forwards.

Hopefully, the podcast will be like listening into conversations Dai and I have on a regular basis. We’re pretty opinionated, and we share good links. We’ll try and make sure the show notes are as up-to-date as possible!

Download/listen to the first podcast here!

We’d love your feedback. How’s the length? Should it be shorter/longer? What would you like to hear us to discuss? Any other suggestions?

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