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Weeknote 10/2015

new beginnings

This week I’ve been:


Dynamic Skillset

  • Setting up a business bank account. After reading some advice on the site and reviewing which banks we use for personal banking, I decided to go with TSB (which has a branch in Morpeth, where we live.
  • Asking previous clients for quotations about how I helped them. I’ll use these on the upcoming redesign of the website.
  • Talking with a couple of potential clients about how I could help them.
  • Catching up with Jade Forester and then Nate Otto about the current state of the Open Badges ecosystem.


  • Feeling a bit ill. I had to get out of the swimming pool as I felt sick on Thursday. 🙁
  • Meeting up with Andy Stewart for a burrito which, given the above, I made sure was mild.
  • Writing:

Next week I’ll be mostly working from home. On Thursday I’m taking a day’s holiday from my Mozilla role to speak at the Future Classrooms event in Northern Ireland – my first gig for Dynamic Skillset!

I also need to get writing. I’ve got a couple of books to make progress on and some articles I said I’d write for people. It’s an odd time.

Image CC BY-SA Matthias Kümpel

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