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Education is easy – in theory! [visualization]

I can see now that it takes more than having passed through school as a student to understand the education system.* After all, it looks something like the diagram below, right?

Of course those who have worked in educational institutions know that the above is far from the truth. Instead of, for example, research being the bedrock of all that goes on, it is marginalized and distorted. The issues** along the lines linking the elements together show how it’s a messy picture – not in itself a bad thing – and it’s distorted by politics (which is a bad thing) :-p

* Not that you’d know that from talking to your average member of the general public! 😉

** N.B. The reason I didn’t add ‘time’ as a factor in the second diagram is because, as I’ve said to a few people this week, time itself isn’t an issue. It’s priorities – which is a different matter.

2 thoughts on “Education is easy – in theory! [visualization]

  1. So true, Iv’e only been working in schools for 10 years and the biggest factor hindering any “progress” in ICT is politics. Most people think that “politics” is central government, this isn’t the case. It’s usually some muppet with a bee in their bonnet putting the breaks on something because there is no direct personal benefit to them. Also you should probably factor in corruption, it’s about time the truth about schools procurement and purchasing is disclosed. We do live in a democracy, don’t we?

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