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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2009

Doug’s first world tour!

I was looking at the little ClustrMap in the sidebar of this blog and it amused me that you couldn’t really see any land mass for all the red dots. Those dots indicate locations of visitors: the larger the dots, the more vistors from that part of the world.

If you click on the smaller map, a larger version of it pops up on the ClustrMaps website. Doing this, it got me thinking thatif each one of those dots indicated someone willing to put me up for a night or two, I could actually get my way around the world fairly easily!

Around 650 people currently subscribe to the RSS feed of dougbelshaw.com. Google Analytics reports about 6,500 unique visits per month. For my first world tour I’d like to play it safe and mainly visit English speaking countries. So, erm, who’s going to put me up next summer? :-p

Holiday in North Yorkshire

Hannah, Ben and I took the opportunity of my finishing school early on Friday (due to a staff training day) and the Bank Holiday to go away! 😀

We stayed on a farm and, being a History teacher, I dragged Hannah and Ben round Rievaulx Abbey, Wharram Percy and Stamford Bridge. Here’s some of the photos I took:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

The walk from Helmsley to Rievaulx Abbey was advertised as 1.5 miles in each direction. Having since measured it on Google Earth, I can assure you it’s at least 3 miles each way! With a 2-stone baby on your back and up-and-down hills, that’s not easy-going. Hence the bottle of beer for the journey back courtesy of the English Heritage shop… 😉

The photos are in a geotagged set at Flickr here.