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Wednesday Wisdom #25: Distraction

Wednesday Wisdom #25: Distraction

This is from a blog post by Andy Lark that I came across serendipitously via an article linked to from Hacker News. Andy also says in the same post:

Improving the quality of decision making doesn’t require we completely banish the computer – but rather we put it to good use when and were we need it, and then recognise the conversation can’t happen with its glow present. Or at best, the quality of the conversation wont be what we want.

Wise words indeed. Choose your tool/weapon carefully!

I think that the drift towards distraction can be mitigated by mindfulness – as well as things like #ScreenFreeSunday and my #BelshawBlackOps. It’s about living intentionally, I guess.

The whole set of Wednesday Wisdom images can be found in my Creative Commons-licensed Flickr set.