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Weeknote #16

This week I have been mostly…

Sorting out my presentation for ALT-C

I’ve never been to ALT-C, mainly because it’s:

  • Right at the start of the academic year (a difficult time to get out of schools)
  • Focused mainly on further and higher education

This year I’m presenting with a colleague on behalf of JISC Advance. I’m really looking forward to finding out more both to aid the mobile and wireless technologies review I’m currently undertaking and my Ed.D. thesis. Lots of top-notch people are going to be there! 🙂

Launching a new blog

I’ve been looking for blogs relating to mobile technologies in education and have found there’s a dearth of them. I contacted Nick Dennis who agreed to start a new tumblr-powered blog with me at I’m sure he’ll get around to writing a post sooner or later… :-p

Getting up early

I’ve been up before 5am twice this week (I’m usually up at 6am) to work on my thesis. I’m much better at thinking clearly in the mornings and need not to be disturbed by a certain 3 year-old! The planned regime until I finish my thesis (which wasn’t quite achieved this week) is:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday – work 4.30-6.30am on thesis, do weights in evening
  • Tuesday, Thursday – go for 3 mile run in morning, work on thesis during lunch break
  • Saturday – go for 3 mile run in morning, work on thesis all afternoon

Feeling like I should be on holiday

Working in the education sector during August is like being in a ghost town. There were only two of us in the office yesterday afternoon at JISC infoNet and almost everyone you email is their Out of Office autoreply on…

Embedding a live Twitter search in Keynote 09

Sometimes a simple idea strikes you whilst planning a presentation. This time it was:

Why can’t I embed a live Twitter search in my slides?

Although I never used the functionality, it turns out it was entirely possible to do this in versions of Keynote before Keynote 09 using ‘Web View’.



Undeterred, I came across this post which provides a Keynote 08 file consisting of a single Web View-enabled slide which, happily, works in Keynote 09.

This means that during my ALT-C 2010 presentation for JISC Advance I can show tweets using the hashtags #altc10 #ja in order to get some live feedback. Note that you if you embed a search from the Twitter homepage you’ll have to replace the %23 with # and %20 with a space in the URL that’s pasted into the Keynote Inspector box.

Here’s the result:

Questions? Ask away in the comments below! 😀