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Weeknote 14/2018


This week I’ve been:

  • Sending out the agenda for the next 6th Morpeth Scouts Executive Committee meeting. I also made a small tweak to their website.
  • Messing about with my family, as they’re all on Easter holidays. I have never seen children consume so much chocolate. We made collages using cut-up bits of newspaper and magazine (mine is at the top of this post!)
  • Working on Project MoodleNet:
    • Talking with smart people, including Mark Pegrum, Stephen Downes, and Mike Larsson.
    • Finalising the job advert for a Technical Architect to help me out. It will be a six-month position, initially, and should be posted before the end of the month.
    • Leading the first monthly community call. The agenda, notes, and recording can be found here.
    • Working with Paul Greidanus on testing some potential solutions for the MVP. Unfortunately, they didn’t work. It’s always useful to bear in mind that Edison quote when that happens…
  • Hanging out with my We Are Open co-op colleagues for our monthly co-op day. We talked about the new website we’re building, GDPR, upcoming work, the Co-op College conference, our involvement in the CoTech network, and other silliness.
  • Writing:

Next week, I’m taking a short break to go on holiday with my family in Jersey at the start of the week. After that, I’m doing a couple of days with Moodle and then spending a day finishing off some of the IDB work for the co-op.

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