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New avatars for 2016

I’ve had the same social media avatar for the last couple of years now. I usually change it every year, but had some complaints(!) when I tried to change it this time last year. So I left it.

Between Christmas and New Year I had some headshots taken by Mandy Charlton, along with some photos of my family. I took three of those headshots, along with a cropped selfie Graham Brown-Martin took when we met up a couple of months ago, and added them to a Twitter poll.

Option D was by far the most popular, so I’ll be using the following image to represent myself in most places around the web.


For conferences, LinkedIn, etc. I’ll be using Option A:


This all feels very narcissistic and self-centred, but the way you come across to people online matters. We’re visual creatures, so often people respond in different way to tweets, emails, etc. depending on what image you use to represent yourself.

I’ll be updating my profiles over the next few days. Comments very welcome!

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