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Weeknote 01/2016

Doug Belshaw

This week, I’ve been:

  • Taking stock of our new allotment. I took my children up there on Monday morning while it was raining. They sketched it out standing under my umbrella, and then made a neater planting plan when we got home. I also need to read this book.
  • Thinking through where I’m going to be focusing my time and efforts in 2016. Its a bit of a ramble, but this post explains how I’m using my ‘Doug days.
  • Recording and releasing Episode 33 (‘Unkonwn Mirrors’) of the Today In Digital Education podcast, my weekly podcast with co-host Dai Barnes. This week we discussed what we got up to during December, what constitutes appropriate use of social networks and mobile devices by children, reasons for and against archiving and deleting your Twitter archive, and why you can’t trust the Amazon Underground app store.
  • Reducing the price of my ebook, The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies to £1.99. I wrote about why in this post.
  • Spending three days in London. I worked with City & Guilds as usual, ran a thinkathon for London CLC with Bryan Mathers, and met up with Rachel Hammel for the first time.
  • Reviewing the headshots and photos of my family that Mandy Charlton took between Christmas and New Year. The photo accompanying this post is one of hers.
  • Meeting with a couple of interested parties who are interested in forming a consortium to bid for European H2020 funding for blockchain projects. I suggested they may want to join forces.
  • Considering which photo I should use when changing my avatar for 2016. A Twitter poll suggests (pretty overwhelmingly) that I should go for Option D from these four options.
  • Pleased that a Literacy Today article cites a lot of my work around digital literacies. Although I understood the reasons why, I was disappointed that I was then asked to remove the PDF from my site. Details here.
  • Reaching the front page of the popular Hacker News site with a post about why you can’t trust the Amazon Underground app store.

On Tuesday, it’s my daughter’s fifth birthday. That means next week I’ll be down in London working with City & Guilds on Wednesday and Thursday.

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