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Weeknote 24/2015

EdTech crew in Barcelona

This week, after sending out Issue #177 of my newsletter (sponsored by Think Associates) on Sunday, I spent Monday to Friday away from home in Barcelona and London. It was my first time in Barcelona and I absolutely loved it.

I was there with Patrick Craven from City & Guilds and Bryan Mathers at the ePIC conference. Happily, the Eden conference overlapped with it, meaning I could catch up with people in my network such as those in the image accompanying this post (left to right): Steve Wheeler, Martin Weller, Sheila MacNeill, Me, Audrey Watters, Jim Groom. While I was there I also had a virtual catch-up with Joyce Seitzinger and Mark Smithers to discover more about Academic Tribe.

I spent the time in Barcelona working on this Big Journeys to Small Steps presentation with Patrick and Bryan, as well as introducing them to some key people in the Open Badges community.

On Friday, after (finally!) meeting up with Simon Gough for breakfast, I attended John Bevan‘s #dotcomrades event at the Mozilla London community space. I helped facilitate some of the discussion around Open Source governance and fed back to the wider group at the end. It was great to catch up with former colleagues such as Kat Braybrooke, Adam Lofting, and Paul Le Dieu.

Bryan drew this great diagram as an overview of what we discussed:

Organising Labour

Next week I’ll be down in London from Monday afternoon until Wednesday. Then I’ll be home for the night before flying to Dublin and then taking the bus to Galway to keynote the CELT conference. I get back Saturday. Busy few weeks!

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