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Weeknote 23/2015

The Dome, Edinburgh

This week I’ve been:

  • Working four days with City & Guilds. I was down in London on Wednesday and Thursday this week and stayed at the London City Suites run by Montcalm. It was quite posh but I still prefer serviced apartments.
  • Running a digital literacies workshop for the Scottish Social Services Council on Friday. As seems to be par for the course these days, slides from the input part made the Slideshare home page. After an extremely delayed journey, I stayed at the Destiny Scotland – St. Andrew Square Apartments. Which was fab.
  • Finalising details for a ‘brown bag lunch’ at City & Guilds around Open Badges. Looking forward to that one as there’s lots of interest across the various business units.
  • Working on a six-month plan with a super-secret codename for City & Guilds. I’ve also been looking at recommendations for them around internal communications. My Twitter network helped with that and I’m building out a wiki page.
  • Writing up a report with some recommendations for Gateshead Council around Open Badges after our meeting last week.
  • Putting together issue #176 of my weekly newsletter Things We Learned This Week. This was the last week of C-Learning’s inaugural sponsorship. Huge thanks to them! I’ve got sponsors lined up for June and July, then I’m taking August off from writing. Let me know if you know anyone who’d like to sponsor any month from September onwards!
  • Sending through my bio and abstract for my CELT conference keynote in Galway later this month.
  • Reading a couple of interesting articles around Open Badges. This one in particular deserves to be re-read.
  • Meeting up with the people behind Chirp and suggesting Open Badges as a use case for their technology. I wrote that up here.
  • Booking a place on the next stage of the ladder to become a Mountain Leader. I’m doing a Mountain Skills course over the course of a weekend in July.
  • Finding somewhere to swim while down in London. Doing a quick 50 lengths on Wednesday re-energised me. This was particularly important due to the extreme hayfever/allergy reaction I seemed to suffer towards the end of the week affecting my right eye and ear.
  • Taking our brand-new secondhand Ford Focus Estate into the local garage due to a fault. I knew we should have bought a German car. <sigh>
  • Interviewed by Ian O’Byrne as part of the process accompanying the article we co-wrote with Greg McVerry about the development of Mozilla’s Web Literacy Map. You can watch that on my blog.
  • Reducing the price of The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies to £3.99. More about that here.
  • Kicking off a conversation around the technical side of badge pathways thanks to some prompting by Nate Otto and a great ‘badge constellations’ drawing by Bryan Mathers.

Next week I’m in Barcelona from Monday to Thursday for the ePIC conference. It’ll be great to meet friends old and new in the Open Badges community! On Friday I’m at former colleague John Bevan’s dotcomrade event in London.

Image CC BY-NC-SA Chris Scott

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