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Weeknote 50/2021

Amazing sunset and clouds over Morpeth on Tuesday evening

This is my last weeknote of the year. And it has been A Year, just as 2020 was before it. Almost two years into this pandemic and, I’m not sure about anyone else, but I am rocking discombobulation as if it were a lifestyle choice.

I had intended to finish work for the year at the end of last week but, for various reasons including participant availability for a workshop we ran on Tuesday, that wasn’t possible. When you’re running your own business (or co-running our own business in the case of WAO) there’s always little things that trundle on even after marking a line in the sand. In my case, it was a bit of invoicing and admin.

Other than the workshop, which was focused on a digital strategy and product timeline for Julie’s Bicycle, I’ve just been finishing things off and tidying them up. There was a bit of moderation to do in the Keep Badges Weird community, for example, and Laura and I spent a lot of time in spreadsheets.

Straight after finishing work on Tuesday afternoon, I went to see my daughter play for the County football team. She was magnificent, scoring one, assisting another, and receiving Player of the Match. I’m so proud of her. That evening I made my preparations for the next day while the ceiling in our en-suite dried after being re-plastered.

On Wednesday morning, I got up early having all of my walking gear packed and a present for Bryan ready and wrapped. I got down to Sheffield almost an hour before he arrived on the train from London, so I did a bit of wandering around the city where I went to university 20 years ago, and where I met my wife, Hannah.

Bryan and I had a chat in the car on the way to Castleton, where we were due to start our walk. We had a very pleasant five hours together with conversation ranging over a wide variety of topics. Sadly, we didn’t get time to have a drink at one of my favourite pubs, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I hope we get to do it every year!

Thursday saw me get my Covid booster jab. I was expecting to get Pfizer as my wife had received the previous Saturday, but instead I got Moderna (aka ‘Spikevax’) which I was happy about. I managed to take it easy on Friday while the ceiling of our en-suite was sorted out. We had our WAO online Christmas party. Mid-afternoon, the predictable post-vaccine tiredness overcame me and I slept for five hours before evening.

Today (Saturday) I’ve continued to be a little tired but managed to sort out the new lights in the en-suite, then met my parents at the beach for a walk, and then created an end-of-year collage which I’ll share in my next post…

Photo of the sunset on Tuesday night which I pulled the car over onto the side of the road to take. Glorious!

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