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Learning Pathways: Descriptive or Prescriptive? [DMLcentral]


My latest post for DMLcentral is up. Entitled Learning Pathways: Descriptive or Prescriptive? I riff off something my former colleague Carla Casilli posted a couple of years back.

A sample:

In this post, I want to dive deeper into learning pathways, dividing these types of pathways into broadly two groups. There are those kinds of pathways that are descriptive and those that are prescriptive. Neither of these labels is pejorative, as each could be appropriate given a particular context. This way of looking at learning pathways has often come up in conversations around Open Badges:

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I’ve closed comments here to encourage you to add yours on the original post. Please do consider doing this as it engages the wider community in what I think we all consider to be an important issue.

In related news I’m currently writing a new Webmaker whitepaper around learning pathways with Karen Smith. It should be available by the end of March! 🙂