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Bryan Mathers: who are you and what do you do?


I’ve known Bryan Mathers for a couple of years now. We met through a shared interest in Open Badges and, during that time, I’ve seen him flourish as a visual artist. The interesting thing is that this is not his full-time job: it’s an interest of his that really impacts on his work.

Bryan kindly allowed me to interview him earlier this week to discover even more about what he does. You can listen to the whole 56 minutes of audio using the embedded player at the top of this post – or I’ve chunked it up in sections below! I think you’ll enjoy his insights. 🙂

(no audio showing anywhere? click here!)

1. Introduction


Notes and links:

2. How Bryan started drawing

Reflector / Creator / Curator

Notes and links:

  • We beat creativity out of kids.
  • Bryan was discouraged from doing art at school
  • Got started trying to visually represent programming concepts

3. Open Badges and community

A bluffer's guide to Open Badges

Notes and links:

4. Drawing and thinking

Formative vs. Summative assessment

Notes and links:

  •  Cartoon –
  • Doug’s work on ambiguity
  • Creative Commons licensing
  • Mix by FiftyThree

5. The drawing process

Teaching is not a delivery system, it's an art form (Sir Ken Robinson)

Notes and links:



Many thanks to Bryan for giving up his time to share his thoughts – and for the kind drawing he created especially for me! (above)

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