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Yearnote 2014

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Every week for the past couple of years I’ve written a ‘weeknote’. It’s a brief overview of what I’ve been up to – mostly in terms of paid work. This ‘yearnote’ post is effectively me using those weeknotes and other stuff I’ve done to help me write a brief overview of the year.

I did way more than just the stuff listed here as this isn’t meant to be comprehensive. I haven’t included recurring stuff and I’ve tried to surface the things that I found most interesting.














This has been an interesting year for lots of reasons. As ever with Mozilla it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, so I’m hoping for some interesting work but some increased stability in 2015! As you can see, I’ll also be doing a limited amount of consultancy with educational institutions, businesses and third-sector organisations in the coming year. Get in touch via [email protected] if that intrigues you.

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5 thoughts on “Yearnote 2014

  1. What were your opinions on Known Doug? Came across it over the hols and it looks really interesting for in-school use. Going to discuss further with Ben Werdmuller next week but would value your opinions. Gut feeling says it could be the simple blogging platform for school use I’ve been looking for for ever and a day, with the added bonus of data portability and own-ability for students which can only be a good thing.

    1. Yep, seems perfect for that scenario, Dan! 🙂

      Known’s getting more stable over time. When I first tried (the alpha release) self-hosting was a pain. But I’ve been messing around with the hosted version and it’s been pretty good:

      There was an issue with the WYSIWYG editor, but Ben and Erin are responsive when you alert them to bugs. So yes, if there was a Tumblr to Known migration route I’d shift my Thought Shrapnel blog over to it. In terms of this one, I’d have to be convinced of Known’s SEO optimization first!

      1. Cheers Doug. Funny you should mention Tumblr, it’s been the other obvious school blogging solution, but the lack of data portability, and more importantly (sadly) abundance of boobs has stopped me from making the jump to encouraging in school use. I realise all this could be achieved with a huge WordPress MU, but life’s too short!

      2. After following your migration to ‘self-hosting’ your email, interested that you have now moved to Fastmail. Also, Alan Levine seems to have been trying to push Known a bit too, posting to both Known and WordPress ( Having moved to my own hosted space, I really need to have a tinker. Oh, and good luck with the consultancy.

        P.S. Finally finished ‘Digital Literacies’ and am in the process of writing my final chapter …

        1. Great! 🙂

          Fastmail lives up to its promises and allows me to use my domain name for email addresses. I chose to manually configure the DNS entries as I’ve messed about with this stuff before – but they can do all this for you if you’d rather.

          Its always a balance between convenience and deeply values. I wish it wasn’t, but that’s been my experience over the last decade. Happily, Fastmail and Known are the good guys. I wish there were more products and organisations like them around!

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