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Weeknote 14/2014


This week I’ve been:

  • Much happier and I’ve generally had more energy. I put this down to a combination of not drinking any alcohol or coffee, making sure I get enough sleep, and tracking everything.
  • Trying to stay focused in the wake of all that’s been happening within Mozilla.
  • Attending a SuperMondays event on ‘Makers’.
  • Finishing off a Webmaker whitepaper. We’ll announce it and invite community feedback when things have calmed down a bit.
  • Experimenting with going for a walk instead of running to see if it makes any difference to my migraines.
  • Increasing the number of lengths I do at the swimming pool. I’m up to 56.
  • Responding to feedback on my DMLcentral post about Open Badges.
  • Messing around and testing out the private beta of BadgeKit.
  • Re-publishing my post about ‘Super Mentor badges’ on the Mozilla Webmaker blog.
  • Moderating this week’s #TeachTheWeb community call. It was a particularly good call this week, I thought. You can catch up here.
  • Commenting on the Scottish Qualifications Authority’s new Digital Literacy Competency Framework.
  • Responding to feedback on the WebLitMapper.
  • Turning down requests to speak at events and run workshops. I’m enjoying travelling less at the moment (although I’ve got a bit of travel coming up over the next few weeks).
  •  Talking with Bryan Mathers and Tim Riches about a ‘Digital Skills Sandwich’ idea and how it relates to the Web Literacy Map (now at v1.1.o!) and Open Badges.
  • Starting work on applying Carla Casilli’s 3PBS badge system to Webmaker badges. I talked to her about it on Thursday, too.
  • Creating resources for aligning with the Web Literacy Map.
  • Replying to interview questions from Shreyas Narayanan, a Mozilla contributor. You can read the interview on his blog.
  • Starting planning for the Oppi Festival next week.
  • Working out my expenses for February and March.

Next week I’m at home on Monday and Tuesday, then I’m off to Helsinki, Finland for the Oppi Festival. I’m speaking and running workshops with Melissa Romaine and Emily Goligoski.

Image CC BY-NC-SA Daniel Kulinski

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