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Weeknote 25/2024

Part of a rain-covered tent with sunrise over trees in the distance.

I’m going to resort to bullet points this week, as today has been particularly busy and I want to get this finished to watch the EURO 2024 games kicking off in 15 mins.

So, this week I’ve been:

  • Accompanying my son to an open day at Edinburgh University. It cemented for him that he wants to do Physical Geography / Environmental Science rather than Human Geography.
  • Getting blinds fitted to the front of our house, which has made a massive difference as it’s east-facing.
  • Working with Laura on submitting a WAO response to an request for proposals from P4NE.
  • Running a small workshop with DCC staff as we come towards the end of our work with them, for now.
  • Attending an in-person event called AI for Good which I wrote about afterwards.
  • Starting reading Adam Greenfield‘s new book, Lifehouse: Taking Care of Ourselves in a World on Fire. It’s not out until July 9th, but I pre-ordered it and the ebook version was already available to me when I logged in on the Verso website! We interviewed Adam as part of the last series of our podcast.
  • Studying for my MSc module TB871 in Systems Thinking:
  • Going round the local high school with my daughter (and wife and son) as she moves up there in September. She seems fine about it.
  • Catching up with Rosie Clayton and Tim Riches.
  • Going to the doctor to get preventative migraine medication. Although they’re not as severe as they used to be, I’ve had more recently. My options are limited due to my asthma and having tried others that made me tired. I’m trying a low dose of a blood pressure-reducing drug which dilates blood vessels, so fingers crossed!
  • Contributing to a WAO co-op half day where we did some planning and plotting.
  • Hosting my son’s friends for the (very disappointing) England game on Thursday night.
  • Putting together a bookcase with my son and a wardrobe with my daughter for their respective bedrooms.
  • Attending an interview for a university role. They used Microsoft Teams, and the link was different in the calendar invite to the email. Hence, I sat in the wrong lobby for 10 mins before I realised something must be up, clicked the email link, and was taken in to a virtual room with some stern professorial faces.
  • Walking and drinking whisky to mark the solstice with Aaron. I did my first wild camp in about a year and it was glorious.
  • Going with my son to his basketball awards ceremony. He won a fun award for having the best nickname, which I didn’t actually know about!
  • Running a bit less than previous weeks, but going to the gym a bit more.

Next week, I’ve got a couple of job interviews, I’m taking my daughter to a couple of football things, and my son to open days in Loughborough University and Lancaster University. There’s some potential WAO work coming our way, otherwise I’ll also be applying for more jobs — and/or making it more obvious to my network that I’m looking for my next thing.

Photo taken at around 04:30 on Saturday morning at sunrise over Doddington Moor

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