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Weeknote 04/2014

Gozo ferry

This week I’ve been:

  • Taking time off work on Monday and Tuesday. I was in Gozo with my wife, Hannah, to find somewhere for our family to live February-August this year.
  • Participating in my usual Mozilla calls. It’s an important time as we’ve got a work week in Toronto coming up soon (where we’ll plan out the work from here to MozFest in October)
  • Celebrating my son’s seventh birthday. He’s really growing up, that boy.
  • Working on slides for my three presentations at BETT.
  • Planning for everything related to the Web Literacy Standard to move to be a Web Literacy Map.
  • Attending and speaking at BETT. Here’s where I was (with links to slides). I met – and caught up with – too many people to mention. It was great. 🙂

Next week we were expecting to move out of our house, but that’s been delayed by a couple of weeks due to a mortgage issue somewhere in the chain. We’re still planning to move to Gozo mid-February. I’ll be speaking at Learning Technologies in London.

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