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Gozo no go

For the last few months I’ve shared with others our plans (and excitement) of moving to Gozo. It’s a place we love and visit on holiday every year. The idea was to sell our house, move there for six months and then decide where to go after that.

Although we were all set to leave at half-term, it looks like it’s not going to be possible in the short-term. We’re still going to move house next week, but we’ll be staying and renting in the UK. To cut a long story short, various laws and audit practices meant I wouldn’t have been able to remain in my current role at Mozilla.

Many thanks to those who wished us well. It’s certainly taught me a thing or two about counting one’s chickens before they’re hatched.

Image CC BY Qfamily

Weeknote 04/2014

This week I’ve been:

  • Taking time off work on Monday and Tuesday. I was in Gozo with my wife, Hannah, to find somewhere for our family to live February-August this year.
  • Participating in my usual Mozilla calls. It’s an important time as we’ve got a work week in Toronto coming up soon (where we’ll plan out the work from here to MozFest in October)
  • Celebrating my son’s seventh birthday. He’s really growing up, that boy.
  • Working on slides for my three presentations at BETT.
  • Planning for everything related to the Web Literacy Standard to move to be a Web Literacy Map.
  • Attending and speaking at BETT. Here’s where I was (with links to slides). I met – and caught up with – too many people to mention. It was great. 🙂

Next week we were expecting to move out of our house, but that’s been delayed by a couple of weeks due to a mortgage issue somewhere in the chain. We’re still planning to move to Gozo mid-February. I’ll be speaking at Learning Technologies in London.