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My iPad Mini apps (October 2013)

iPad Mini apps

This morning I went through the apps I had installed on my iPad Mini. I realised I don’t use most of them and so carefully pared them down to fit on one screen. No horizontal scrolling for me!

I’ve uploaded the screenshot to Flickr and added notes with some detail of how I use each app. I’d be interested if you did the same – whatever device you use!

Click here to see the notes

3 thoughts on “My iPad Mini apps (October 2013)

  1. Doug, I like looking at what others use on their devices. It often drives a new idea through my thick skull. While that was nice today, I greatly benefited from your Flickr pic with comments. What a glorious idea!!! I share screenshots with teachers and doing it that way alleviates some of the hassles of photo editing for commenting-sake. Take an extra recess today. You earned it.

    (Oh, and because I was snooping through the Flickr feed, I saw “Idea Karaoke”. Intriguing pic and name. Could you briefly describe? Thanks.)

    1. Thanks the idea is something like this:

      1. Brainstorm ideas onto post-its
      2. Display post-its
      3. Volunteers collect post-its and read out at the front

      The format can be hacked by singing, rapping, etc. Can also move away from applause by ‘popping’, single-clapping, etc.

      It’s all about the rapid sharing of ideas. Great stuff.

      I’ve added it the above as a comment to the photo you mentioned:

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