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Privacy, the NSA and Web Literacies [DMLcentral]

My latest post for DMLcentral is now up. Entitled Privacy, the NSA and Web Literacies I focus on what we can actually do in the wake of the NSA surveillance revelations. And no, I didn’t choose the accompanying photo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Read it here:

(in other news, you might like and Mozilla’s work around the Web Literacy Standard)

2 thoughts on “Privacy, the NSA and Web Literacies [DMLcentral]

  1. One thing that Mozilla could do to help privacy: don’t assume that Android = Google Play (a single provider who is compelled to hand over data to the NSA). E.g. have direct downloads for Fennec as an option on the Mozilla site, don’t push people to Google Play. I know this means that upgrades need to be manual but maybe this is something that Mozilla need to solve too — ensure that upgrade systems are federated, because right now Mozilla (and most app makers, unfortunately) are encouraging users to centralise their data with one company that is vulnerable to the NSA snooping.

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