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Mozilla Thimble + Popcorn Maker: a productive Webmaking partnership

Yesterday Brett Gaylor, our newly-minted Senior Director of and all-round awesome guy, posted New Webmaker Prototypes. In it he featured some work by Bobby and Atul on an experimental build of Popcorn Maker, a web native HTML5 video editor that integrates with Thimble, an HTML/CSS editor.

The reason I’m highlighting it is because it’s a taste of things to come in 2013 from Mozilla. And because I got to make this (see below) which you can remix/hack/fork (try clicking some of the underlined words!) 🙂

This is what it looks like when you’re editing/remixing:

Thimble in Popcorn Maker


This greatly improves our ability to allow people to level-up in their webmaking skills not only through fairly static activities but through engaging video-based content. Now we just need some learning activities that map onto the emerging Web Literacies framework!


Image CC BY Daniela Vladimirova

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