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Feeding back.

RSS CombinedLast week I asked you to contribute your OPML files (lists of RSS subscriptions) for the general good of mankind. A fair few people did, allowing me to collate them into a wonderful list of over 1600 blogs! I’m still categorising them, and because I may take a while in doing so, have decided to make them available in the uncategorised formats found below:

The files

The instructions

  1. Go to Google Reader
  2. Click on ‘Manage subscriptions’ at the bottom-left of the screen.
  3. Click on the ‘Import/Export’ tab.
  4. Click on the ‘Choose File’ button and navigate to where you saved one of the above files.
  5. Bask in your now-larger list of RSS feeds!

Image CC BY-NC Kyle Wegner

4 thoughts on “Feeding back.

  1. Hi Doug,
    I always read your blog, but I’m a silence reader. I just uploaded my RSS suscriptions, good luck! ;)
    Have a nice weekend. Lorena

  2. well done Doug – just chocked Google Reader when trying to have a look at OPML feeds – will be local SQA issue – when I get back to normal will send on my OPML file

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