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Google Apps Marketplace: apps worth installing

I’m currently sorting out Google Apps Education Edition for internal communication and collaboration at work. Things have changed a bit since I set it up at the Academy last year: there’s a new admin interface and (most importantly) Google Apps Marketplace, amongst other things.

Google Apps Marketplace allows third-parties to integrate their products and services – usually by single sign-on – with Google Apps. Some are paid-for, some free and all have separate terms and conditions to the core Google Apps offering.

I’ve been through all of the third-party products and services currently available (August 2010) and created a Google Doc of those that meet the following criteria:

1. Free (not just free trial)
2. Education or productivity-focused

The document (embedded below) is editable by anyone with the link. Please do have a look and make any additions/alterations if you can! 🙂

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”document/pub” query=”id=1j6MGPpSUHxrHTItiuUkDVL3_9TMNrKb__wUUdIGbe80&embedded=true” width=”100%” height=”500″ /]

3 thoughts on “Google Apps Marketplace: apps worth installing

  1. Don’t think Flowr is actually free (despite what it says on the app page) as the Free account only allows you to use some of the features and you are limited to just 10 accounts which is too small for most EDU environments…

      1. That said Flowr does look like it has the potential to fill the often mentioned void of ‘Facebook/Twitter for Schools’…

        Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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