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Weeknote #8

This week I have been mostly…

Planning a camping trip

As I mentioned last week, we’ve bought a couple of tents so we thought we’d go camping ASAP to get us in the swing of things. I asked my Twitter network for advice and was so overwhelmed with the (very quick!) responses that I put together a post entitled HOWTO: Go Camping (according to my Twitter network).


Not only did I help facilitate the quarterly JISC infoNet planning meeting on Monday and Tuesday of this week, but I ended up helping out at the Social Media: Are You Ready? event on Wednesday.

The latter event was keynoted by Chris Brogan and used his ‘podcamp’ unconference model. At the beginning of the day (which was slightly delayed due to an accident on the A1) people volunteered to run workshops/deliver presentations/otherwise facilitate conversations.

You know me. A half-second’s silence and awkwardness was all it took for me to facilitate a session (attended by around 30 people) on Acceptable Use Policies and Social Media. I like to challenge myself, so it was an interesting experiment to get the slides and questions ready during Chris Brogan’s keynote. Which I was also live-tweeting… 😉


I took another couple of days off this week (Thursday and Friday) to get the bulk of my Edexcel GCSE History allocation out of the way. I’m bang on track now to be finished by next Wednesday! 🙂

Not working on my thesis

I’ve realised that this month I’ve done virtually no work on my thesis. Part of that is due to my thesis supervisor not getting back to me (despite a reminder!) but it’s also partly to do with work on the OER infoKit coming to an end, attending conferences, and being busy with marking. Must. Do. Better.

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  1. Better, best … The hardest working, most productive people I know are still writing up their PhD

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