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Weeknote 34/2021

Trees, bracken, path

I reassessed my life goals this week after someone I was talking to casually mentioned that they own a lighthouse. While these vertical beauties aren’t very practical for family holidays, once the kids leave home (and before I get too old for the stairs) I’d love to stay in one. Imagine the views!

After last week’s camping trip with my daughter, this week I was looking forward to a wild camping trip with my son. However, it was not to be, as his neck/shoulder injury meant that after an hour’s walking he couldn’t go on; the rucksack was exerting too much pressure on his brachial plexus. It was such as a shame as it was a beautiful afternoon with great visibility and predicted to be a mild night.

In the end, we visited my parents on the way home so as not to spoil my wife and daughter’s film night. I camped in the garden in my new one-person tent, which ended up being a much colder experience than I was expecting. As a result, I’ve bought a new sleeping bag which has a comfort rating 17 degrees C below my current one! To be fair I bought my existing one to pack small and be used in Italian youth hostels 20 years ago…

Life on the work front has continued to be pretty chill. This week saw the end of the Catalyst-funded Continuation programme. We’ll publish an end-of-project post soon, and we’ve already had some great feedback from participants.

Other than that, Laura and I interviewed members of the Julie’s Bicycle team as part of the onboarding for the digital strategy work we’re doing with them. We also did a bit of work for Participate and had a chat with them about continuing to collaborate with them. Other than that, I’ve tried to relax as much as I can.

It was a bit sad this week to realise that not only are the nights drawing in, but that next week might be the last that I can get away with wearing my shorts/sandals combo every day. I’m a big fan of these sandals, which are the most comfortable and practical ones I’ve ever come across. I also made the great decision at the start of the summer to go on eBay to buy some original Nike ACG shorts, brand new with tags, from about 20 years ago.

Yes, I’m getting old. No, I don’t care.

So next week starts with a Bank Holiday in England, and then proceeds to be the last week before the kids go back to school. Bryan’s back from a three-week break and so it will be the time when things start to ramp up again.

Image from curtailed walk near Linhope Spout, Northumberland.

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