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Things I Learned This Week – #25

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

This week I learned to make my freakin’ mind up and stick to it, that there’s a lot to be said for not putting yourself in positions you know are going to be frustrating, and that you’re onto a losing battle when you try to reason with a 3-year old. :-p


  • Apple’s newly-revamped MobileMe looks good. If I had an iPhone anymore. And didn’t have GMail. For free.
  • Americans, eh? Got to love them. Why should the US President have an internet kill switch?
  • Clay Shirky’s got a new book out about technology and society. Guess what? It’s awesome (apparently).
  • Google, apparently, classify mobile users as ‘repetitive now’, ‘bored now’ or ‘urgent now’. Which is probably a good way to think about it, actually.
  • Not sure whether to buy a new gadget? This flow chart should sort you out.

Productivity & Inspiration

Education & Academic

  • Michael Gove, the prophet of doom UK Education Secretary, has outlined how the setting up of Free Schools is going to work. If, as he reckons, it leads to parents and teachers setting up schools in the most disadvantaged areas, I’ll eat my metaphorical hat.
  • YouTube launched an online video editor this week. Hopefully, this will mean the demise of the awful, crash-prone, but seemingly-loved-by-teachers Windows Movie Maker:


  • The Angry Technician reminded me this week why, in many ways, I don’t miss being the resident techie in a school.
  • The Google Scholar team now have their own blog.
  • AQA, an exam board in the UK, is developing separate exams for boys and girls.

Data, Design & Infographics

  • There’s not a lot of point in information for it’s own sake. Which is why I liked this trailer for a forthcoming activism video, in itself a great example of a well-designed product!

  • Who’s the best footballer in the world. Messi? Ronaldo? Nope, it’s either Sergio Ramos or Xavi Hernandez. I’ve got proof!



If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves. (Thomas Edison)

Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out. (Titus Livius)

As a general rule the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information. (Benjamin Disraeli)

Do or do not, there is no try. (Yoda)

You don’t have to get it right; you have to get it going! (Mike Litman)

2 thoughts on “Things I Learned This Week – #25

  1. Doug: Great post as usual. I always love reading your “Things I Learned This Week” posts. I really liked that quote you shared by Thomas Edison. I really do think we would be astounded if we really did all that we are capable of. The key is that we have to chip away at the limiting beliefs we hold that are holding us back and go after what we really want. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing the quote. On another note, that google maps real estate capability is a huge deal.

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