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My interview on Productivity for educators

A few weeks ago I posted extracts from an interview with Tim Bradburn of Connected Teaching, the continuing professional development network. Tim’s taken our hour-long chat (whilst I was still Director of E-Learning) and boiled it down into a manageable, focused 11 minutes.


What do you think? Do you agree with what I have to say? 🙂

The ideas I discuss in this interview feature in #uppingyourgame: an educator’s guide to productivity

2 thoughts on “My interview on Productivity for educators

  1. Great interview Doug! Sound advice that all teachers need to here, not just new ones.

    Even the best of us can forget the basics when it comes to looking after yourself and not letting work dominate your life.

    I will be passing this on to my colleagues – particularly as we are in the ever stressful: mark coursework / send grades off / exam prep run that will lasts right up to June!

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