HOWTO: Create iTunes audiobooks from MP3s

I’ve been getting into audiobooks recently, but have been frustrated that they’ve been in MP3 format. I want them in iTunes audiobook format!* This article explained most of what I cover in the screencast below, but I’m delighted to have figured out how to use Automator on Mac OSX to make the file-renaming a whole lot less tedious… 🙂

*As I explain in the video, having them in audiobook format rather than MP3 allows you to ‘bookmark’ a chapter if you don’t finish it. With MP3s you would have to start from the beginning again or fast-forward…


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  1. RT @alun Liked “HOWTO: Create iTunes audiobooks from MP3s”

  2. An easier route is the AudioBook Builder, though it will set you back 10 clams

    The other advantage of not having them as mp3 is they wont come up in shuffle mode. I used it to make Chris Anderson’s book on Free into audio book format

  3. Well, it is shareware, and if you read/listen to “Free” it does not always mean $0 — it is a worthy read.listen

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