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Things I learned this week – #6

Image CC BY-NC-SA miss_blackbutterfly

On a personal note, I learned this week never to give people more information than they strictly need, and that spending time making an eBay listing look good does actually pay dividends. Oh, and that Creative-Commons licensing my photo of some famous local graffiti was very helpful… 😀

Top 3


  • Google Chrome is a great browser, but have too many tabs open and it gets a bit cramped. That’s where VerticalTabs becomes handy!
  • HTML 5 isn’t going to save the internet. Apparently.
  • You know the ‘lorem ipsum’ dummy text that people use for layouts? You can now do something similar with images. :-
  • A ‘census’ of files available on Bittorrent has been carried out. Guess what? Only 1% were non-copyright-infringing… (via BoingBoing)
  • Remember the humorous ‘iPhone vs. Stone’ comparison graphic from a couple of years back? Try this one comparing it to the Apple iPad… (viaTechXAV)

Productivity & Inspiration

Education & Academic

  • Now that Prezi’s got education licensing, you may want to check out this guide to the advanced use of Prezi. It’s going to become the new Powerpoint, isn’t it? 😮
  • Seth Godin pigeon-holes us (and more importantly, our students) into Hunters and Farmers. But in a good, insightful way.
  • I don’t think there’s no such thing as a ‘digital native’. But if there were, this is what they’d be like. Apparently. (via @wfryer)
  • Spelling is important. Very important. See below… (via @mguhlin, form a presentation by @cburrell)

Data, Design & Infographics

  • Seemingly aiming to surpass himself, Dan Meyer has posted his 2009 annual report (and, usefully, how he did it). Not only did he have the discipline to gather all this data, but just look at the quality of the finished article!



Any circumstance that has the power to hold you back also has the energy to push you forward. (Anon.)

Limited expectations yield only limited results. (Susan Laurson Willig)

At a distance from home a man is judged by what he means. (Anon.)

You’re stapling wings to a pig and hoping it will fly. It’s hard to see how you get from there to an F-16. (Art Stine)

Virtue is not left to stand alone. Those who practice it will have neighbours. (Confucius)

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