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Finding your ‘well’ of productivity and motivation.

Becoming more productive and motivated is like digging a well. Those around you might question why exactly you’re spending time and effort digging that hole; after all, there’s puddles around the place, right? Why not draw what you need from those like everyone else?

But the digging is worth it. Discovering your own personal well of productivity and motivation may be hard work in the first instance (and the well may require constant maintenance) but you’re pretty much guaranteed that it’s not going to run out when you need it most.

I dug that well very deep during my teacher training and first couple of years of teaching.It’s served me admirably in the time since then – allowing me, in fact, to focus on other things that developed my interests, talents and, ultimately, my career.

Have you found your well yet?

Want to find your own personal well of productivity and motivation? You might find the hints, tips and ideas that I’ll be sharing in #uppingyourgame: an educator’s guide to productivity useful! 🙂

(Image CC BY-NC-SA eph2810)

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