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Towards a fitter Doug.

10 kilometers doesn’t sound like much. It’s not. But it’s twice the distance I usually run…

I’m going to be running the Great North 10k in Sunderland on 18 July 2010. It’s the first step on a planned road to world domination:

  • Half-marathon (second half of 2010)
  • Sprint triathlon (first half of 2011)
  • Marathon (second half of 2011)

…and now that I’ve put it on my blog I have to do it!

When I mentioned my entry on Twitter, some people suggested I might want to run for charity. I chose UNICEF because of the great work they’re doing in Haiti. So, if you want to, click below. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Towards a fitter Doug.

  1. Aha, I notice the words tri and athlon in your plans there…. Lets plan to do the same one (and fit in an Olympic distance while your at it – will give your knees a rest from all that marathon training!) While you’re at it there’s a silly fell run in Scotland in March called the Mighty Deerstalker – only 10k but the two mountains make it a killer (and not too far from you as its in Peebles)

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