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Weeknote 34/2022

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I returned to work this week on Thursday, after three weeks away.

At the start of the year I agreed with my wife Hannah that in 2022 I’d take most of April, August, and December off work. That cadence is working well so far: three months of work followed by (at least) three weeks away. In addition, I do most of my WAO work Monday-Thursday, followed by side projects and finishing stuff up on Fridays, and take both Bank Holidays and the occasional day off in half-terms. All told, I reckon I’ll do around 200 days’ work this year. This is absolutely a reason why co-owning your own business is amazing.

A few new bits of work came in while I was away, so I’ve been following up about those. We should also hear back about the NLnet grant the week after next, but in the meantime David’s been working away on Things are looking good.

As I mentioned last week, I accidentally ran a stop-start half-marathon distance (21km) after getting lost in France. A week later, I thought I’d have a go at a purposeful, continuous effort and see if I could manage it. I nearly did, managing 18.22km (and all of the uphill sections!) before my hip flexors just couldn’t take any more. For some reason, I planned a route that included a killer descent and hill climb half-way through. I also set off too fast, at my 10k pace.

I might try again next week. Oh, and I’m back on Strava if you want to connect with me there.

Talking of social networks, I switched from back to for reasons outlined in the post below. It was one of four I’ve published here since my last weeknote:

Over at Thought Shrapnel I published:

I’m currently reading Invisible Women: exposing data bias in a world designed for men which Laura bought for me after we discussed it on a recent podcast episode. It’s incredible, and contains both data and insights that I wish I’d known when I was younger. Highly recommended.

Two of the blog posts listed above are my reflections and favourite quotes from books I’ve read as well.

Our kids don’t go back to school until a week on Wednesday, so I’ll be ramping up work next week after the Bank Holiday. We’re entering into what I’ve only in recent years realised is one of my favourite months: September. I’m hoping to do some more microadventuring, like last year!

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