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A tribute to Dan Meyer.

I’ve had my run-ins before with Dan Meyer when we were young(er) and (more) foolish.* But I have to give the guy credit – he can really think, write and teach. Read How Do You Turn Something Interesting Into Something Challenging? – almost the perfect template for how a teacher should reflect on their own practice. Dan goes from spark of an idea to a video showing how he taught it in practice in the space of the post. Exemplary! 😀

Once you’ve checked out that post, you might want to try these as well:

On returning to subscribing to Dan’s blog I assumed he was still teaching full-time. He’s not. First he decided to enrol to study towards a PhD (What Just Happened?) and then deferred to go and work for Google (Going Corporate). Who wouldn’t?!

It serves to demonstrate, however, something of which I’m increasingly aware: it’s extremely difficult to sustain outstanding teaching over more than a few years. I think I’m correct in saying that Dan’s been teaching five years. I’ve been teaching six (at a lower standard) and it’s taking its toll.

Perhaps guaranteed sabbaticals after 5 years are in order? (combined with the MA in Teaching & Learning?)

* Perhaps we’re too much alike. I didn’t like Paul Lewis (@aerotwist) much when I first met him. Now we get on like… a warm house. :-p

6 thoughts on “A tribute to Dan Meyer.

  1. ‘It’s extremely difficult to sustain outstanding teaching over more than a few years’
    That’s sticking with me!

    Thanks for this post Doug as it’s introduced me to another teacher with ideas, vision and creativity.

      1. A good way. I’ve always held to the belief that when the day comes that I have lost my passion, drive, enthusiasm for teaching then I will leave the profession. I’ve been teaching 13 years and long may I have the opportunity to continue.

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