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My #TMETRU09 presentation: #movemeon & CPD via Twitter


Above is my micropresentation and links for Sunday’s TeachMeet EdTechRoundUp edition 2009 (#TMETRU09). As far as I’m aware it’s the first fully-online TeachMeet to be held. As such, there will no doubt be hiccups! The whole thing is being streamed at

3 thoughts on “My #TMETRU09 presentation: #movemeon & CPD via Twitter

  1. A good presentation, Doug. The whole concept of people being responsible for their own CPD, and having wired new leaders pushing the boundaries of what is possible, doesn’t sit comfortably with some powers-that be: there’s a strong feeling out there that CPD has to be legitimate and legitimated, and that’s precisely what they see the Twitterati and Blogosphere as NOT being.
    I’m involved in a research project into ICT CPD, and I need input from new leaders such as yourself. If you’re willing to answer some questions (and/or pass them on) please do get in touch.

  2. Well you’ve set the bar quite high with that presentation, Doug. Excellent stuff!

    I’m glad you’re drawing attention to #movemeon which is an excellent idea (as are the ‘spinoffs’).

    I, like John (above), am very interested in CPD and John raises some interesting points regarding what constitutes ‘legitimate’ CPD.

    I have been reflecting recently on what the ‘fundamentals’ of good learning are. I’ve concluded that, amongst many other things, effective learning should have elements of:
    -Learner buy-in

    So, whether one considers Twitter, blogs (or even Teachmeets) etc as ‘legitimate’ CPD matters less to me. I know how much learning I’ve done in the last twelve months through these media.

    Now, I just need to find the time to do my TMETRU09 presentation: ‘Teachmeet: This is not a course’…

  3. Love the presentation Doug, like lots of teachers, always thought there should be a set of hash tags for T&L. I’d suggest any subsequent – related hashtags should be prefixed with MMO or something that is related to teaching and learning like TL – that way (in my head at least) they would all be grouped together. e.g. #MMOnewleaders or #TLnewleaders, #MMOpersonalisation or #TLpersonalisation. Then you could have a wiki with the hashtags (which would clearly grow organically over time) and an explanation of their purpose.

    Just my ramblings anyway, probably a bit over the top!

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