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Director of E-Learning: Doug Belshaw

I’ve just typed ‘Director of E-Learning’ (in quotes) into Google. The results left me surprised, pleased and dismayed all at once…

Google search results for 'Director of E-Learning'

I was surprised that Laura Walker’s blog post of her (successful) expression of interest in the ‘Director of E-Learning position at her school was in first place. I was pleased for her, and for Dan Stucke – another Director of E-Learning – whose blog post also featured on the front page.

But… where am I? It sounds a bit egotistical, I know, but I was kind of expecting to be there too. Where’s the link to my Director of E-Learning interview blog post? Some may construe this blog post as a blatant attempt to point out to Google that I’m a Director of E-Learning too, thank you very much and to get my name on that front page.

You’d be right. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Director of E-Learning: Doug Belshaw

  1. Hey Doug! I just did a search and you popped up as #4 with this blog post! lol :) I did notice in your meta data (page source look up) that your site is missing a description & keywords — if you put them in, it should boost you up a little. Sometimes Google can do it in 24 hours, but sometimes it can take up to 5 weeks for Google to pick it up!

    You can edit that part in red so it can drive to your homepage or there are certain plugins with WordPress (if you run that) that you can stick in keywords and a description for each blog post.

    Maybe you already did this, then just disregard :) If you need help let me know!

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