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Take your computer with you with PortableApps!

Sometimes we have to use computers that are not our own. Many times we have more than one that we use – for example one at home and one at school. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take all of your settings from one computer to the next, instead of having to configure each individually?

Enter Portable Apps. It’s a suite of free and open-source applications that can be installed anywhere, including a USB flash drive. Users can then run the applications from there, in effect ‘taking their settings with them’!

4 thoughts on “Take your computer with you with PortableApps!

  1. Hi
    To answer Marc's question re. Google Apps vs. Portable APps, the main pro for Portable apps would be that you don't have to be online … where Google apps lets you collaborate with others.

    So, no internet connection – Portable Apps is the winner, need to collaborate then Google's the winner.

    If, however, you've got a connection, but don't need to collaborate, then it's horses for courses really. I'd probably be more likely to use Google Docs, but that's probably quite closely related to the fact I've got broadband at home, LAN at work, wireless enabled lappys & also a 3G USB dongle. If I'd not got all that connectivity options, then Portable APps might be a better choice.
    Also, as I've now got Zotero as a Plugin for Firefox on my PortableApps stick & have OpenOffice on it, I wonder if for academic work it might be better – as there's a Zotero plugin for OpenOffice. I've not seen that level of integration with Google Apps.

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