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Librarian blogs and social networks

Angie Dickson, our new librarian, is an fan of the PE blog Phil Rowland set up for this academic year and wants to set up her own. Not only can she use this blog to communicate with students at our school, but with librarians and heads of information services worldwide!

Here’s some examples of some great (newbie-friendly) blogs in the field:

There are also some social networks powered by Ning related to libraries and information services:

Finally, there’s a great website called LibWorm that’s a search engine just for librarians! 🙂

(image from The Read/Write Web: Social Software and Libraries)

8 thoughts on “Librarian blogs and social networks

  1. These are all great librarians, resources and ideas. I love librarians, and you have included some of my favorites. I will check out Libworm. It must be a VERY powerful search engine, if it is meant for librarians, the industrial searchers of the internet. Thanks for the great post.

  2. @Cathy: Thanks, Cathy. I’m aware of Doug Johnson, but he talks about a lot of random stuff! Thought his blog wasn’t so ‘newbie-friendly’ (but still very entertaining…)

    @n2teachingonline: Glad you like it! 🙂

  3. Awesome to be included in your list! and what’s more, you have introduced me to a brand new blog that I had missed in my blogosphere travels. I’m off to read Anne’s posts now. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the mention of my blog on you site. Glad you consider it useful for newbies as I try to keep it simple. Note your posting about Glogster and have to agree it’s just fabulous. I used it for a conference presentation this week and will put up a note about it – so much less linear than powerpoint. Cheers Camilla

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