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We’ve sold!

House soldWe actually sold our house last Monday (10th March) but it feels a lot more real today. Firstly, because I had to take the huge pile of forms you have to fill in, proof of ID and our 56-page HIP (Home Information Pack) to the solicitors today. Secondly, because when I returned home today I was greeted by the sign to the left.

Where are we moving to? Don’t know! We’re probably going to rent for a year to see how things go financially. We’d love to be in a situation where Hannah doesn’t have to work and we can afford a house with a big enough (enclosed) garden for Ben to mess about in. I’m also going to really miss my study in the converted attic unless we find something similar.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how the house-selling went. We’ll have made about a 20% profit when all’s said-and-done. We had an offer before we even had the house on the market and then in 5 weeks we had 6 couples visiting 9 times making an additional 3 offers. Perhaps it’s time for us to give up teaching to become property developers… 😉

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